Jayaram, R. Civil Engineer

A philanthropist and successful entrepreneur working actively for socio-economic upliftment of under privileged for more than 2 decades is a chairperson of Sristi to promote inclusive and equitable education to children.   

Hema Anand, LLB, LLM

A legal professional and experienced educationalist has spent over a decade advocating the availability of quality education to the community, drives the effective liaison of Sristi as an organisation with the community for meeting the requirements efficiently

Kamala Chandrashekar, B’Com, MFA

A master of finance by profession, with experience of over decades of successfully heading educational institution leads our QASDC {Quality Assessment and skill Development Check} and academic team for efficient and effective implementation of learning programs by our educators at Sristi.

Anand R, M.A.

A Master of Arts, strives to ensure a safe and stimulating learning environment where good physical infrastructure and appropriate resources conducive to learning are available to all our students at Sristi.  

C.A. Chandrashekar. N, B’Com, ACA

A Chartered Accountant by profession and successful leader has travelled across Europe, US and Asia Pacific leads the inhouse Research & Development “RAISED” {Refined Ideas, Applied Research, Innovation, Scaling-Up, Evaluation & Development} team of Sristi to design and develop curriculum by introducing new concepts and innovative methods of teaching for experiential learning.  

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