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Welcome to the innovative Pre School

Sristi Kids is founded by a team of professionals determined to create the perfect environment for Early Childhood Education and Care. This is the place where the innocents are transformed to divinity of learning by creating the curiosity in them about various subjects, arts, games, sports and other life skills obsessed with knowledge, ethics, values and information.

We have abundant treasure of experience, knowledge and information generated through research in addition to continuous growth through successful completion of every academic year. We have a dedicated resource team who continuously work on collection of information scientifically about ability of learning at each age, appropriate methods & techniques of teaching for increasing the effectiveness of teaching with approach of “optimizing the learning with limited inputs without much stress to little ones in a Child Centric environment”.   

It is imperative to say that kids have very high ability to learn much. Here is the abstract from various research for your information.

Neuroscience – the study of the brain and how it functions – has advanced as much in the last 20 years as it ever had. As tools that allow us to study the developing brain have improved, we’ve learned that the highest sensitivity to learning new skills occurs during the first four years of life – and drops off dramatically afterwards.

This doesn’t mean that your brain stopped learning after you turned 5, it’s only that learning something new gets quite harder. Below you can see a chart that traces the sensitivity of the human brain for developing specific human abilities over time – you’ll notice how it all goes down after the third birthday.

Brain development in early childhood is extremely important as it sets the stage for the rest of child’s life. Brain development is influenced by quality of Psycho-Social environment that happens through senses (touch, talk, sight and sound) in early childhood experiences.

We are proud to have this privilege to contribute for the holistic development of children with our following strength.

Experience with continuous enhancement of knowledge and information leads to build the capability for achieving our organizational goals.

Our academic experts continuously work on bringing in more innovative way of effective teaching from across the globe along with recommendation of new concepts to make our students competitive enough.

Curriculum is designed based on extensive research to understand the potential and requirements of young minds at each age group with best methods & techniques to teach them effectively without any stress to obtain optimum result with limited input as required by our national education policy. Our curriculum includes the requirements of all kinds of syllabus for our students to pursue education of any boards such as ICSE, CBSE, IGSCE and any state board of India. Please refer to page Curriculum & Calendar for more information.

Sristi, emphasise the overall development of children. We consider non-academics equally important to academics. We have a kids club called Sristi Sadhana to achieve this.

We ensure that the curiosity, excitement and interest of young children are maintained throughout the foundational stage to achieve our vision completely with the success of every single child.

All teachers at Sristi are qualified to teach little children with all prerequisites required with subject knowledge along with special art to involve every child effectively in every class and activity we do.

The environment is said to be the third teacher. So, a child-friendly environment promotes eagerness and interest to enjoy the learning. We help each child to become a better learner through a specially created Psycho-social environment that strengthens connections in their brains.

We consider physical safety a top priority for young students. Our infrastructure has a good amount of space, equipped with CCTV cameras at every corner and other safety equipment to ensure the safety of every child. The infrastructure is kept hygiene with regular cleaning & sanitization along with the periodic organic child safe pest control and other maintenance.

We have international standards as one of the key requirements to keep up our quality in everything we think, to provide for our students. So, at the very first stage of inception/conceptualization, we check for the best ways of doing it from across the globe before choosing one.

Our Values and Attributes

Our values and attributes, which align with our guiding statements, are integral to creating a school culture and climate to realise our educational goals. Cleanliness, Compassion Commitment, Determination, Honesty, Integrity, Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility, Self-Discipline, Teamwork and Trust.

Valuable Benefits that you can gift your child by enrolling with Sristi at glance:

Developed Social Interaction

Improved Emotional Control and increased Emotional intelligence

Better Cognitive and memory functions

Strengthened Gross and fine motor skills

Enhanced Creative thinking and imagination

Better Logical & Reasoning skills

More critical thinking and problem-solving skills

Well-mannered behaviour

Inculcating Art of learning naturally

Achieving Multi Language Proficiency

Learning Communication skills

Building Life Skills

Playing various Sports & Games -Indoor and outdoor for physical development

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